Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Slippery When Wet

Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

"Hi admin KB!

Guilty dyud kaayo ko kay nakipagsex ko sa boyfriend sa ako bestfriend. Pero accident raman dyud tong nahitabo and di na dyud ko ato muusob. Giluod ko sa ako self and di naku makalantaw straight sa ako bestfriend. Uyab ra gihapon sila sa iya bf and ana iya bf na amu ra daw to isekreto."

admin KB: accidente? na unsa? na slide ka daun na sulud iyaha sa imuha? hahaha, slippery when wet! LOL

Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Best Friend

College of Business Administration 

3 weeks ago.. i went out drinking with friends, i never expected anything to happen that night, she was just a friend, how i met her? she was my best friends girlfriend... he wasn't there that night.. was dancing with the group, next thing i know my arms were around her waste, everybody was having a good time, i couldn't resist anymore.. so i went in for the kiss.... first she was surprised, but then her tongue was now playing along.. i pulled her away, she didn't resist me, got out of the club and went to my car.. once we got in i went back to business.. this time she was more aggressive, we were in the back seat so there was just enough space, ill leave the rest to your imagination guys, after that night its as if nothing happened between us, we went back to our usual routines, she was still with my best friend.. every time we see each other i can tell she's smiling at me.

Source: Sillimanian Confessions

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dalagang Filipina

College of Nursing

"I promised before na kung makapasar nako sa Nursing Licensure Examination and maRN na ko dapat mangita na gyud dayun ko ug uyab... pero karon na nakapasar nako sa NLE and Registered Nurse nako, wala paman tahon ko nakakita ug uyab! basun ug sa workplace makakita nako.. maghulat rata ani. Charlungs!..

-Dalagang Filipina "

Source: Sillimanian Confessions